A Hygienic Home,

Starts From The Hallway

The hallway is the hot-zone where we walk through and leave stuff behind, such as shoes, coats, keyring or gloves, when we come home every day. With these personal belongings we carry all kind of germs and odors with us, and we leave them in the hallway.

A silent guard

The all new SUVIOS Smini is perfectly suitable for this place.

It simulates the sanitisation effect of nature sunlight to eliminate all kind of germs, such as virus, bacteria and odors, without any chemical additive, such as fragrance or disinfectant.

Care for air quality?

Brise C360
for allergy care

Developed for allergy care. The built-in intelligent algorithm enables Brise C360 to maintain our indoor air quality in an ideal stat without hassle. It removes all kind of allergen in the air inside our houses.

Do you suffer from hay fever or care about respiratory health?  Let C360 help you. 

A complete Combi Pack


This Combi Pack bundle, C360 + Smini, offers you a complete solution, from the hallway till the entire house. 

With the coupon code “combiex2022 “, you now receive an exclusive extra €80 discount upon the bundle price. Only valid for “Combi Pack” in the official online shop.

Brise C360

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