Terms of Use

Welcome to SUVIOS. Please first read carefully the following Terms of Use.

This Terms of Use are established to protect the interest of the member service providers and all our users and constitute a contract between the users and member service providers. By completing the registration procedures, or beginning to use the services available from SUVIOS, you are deemed to understand and agree to all the terms and conditions under the Terms of Use.

I. General Principles

  1. Users are required to properly keep their password without disclosing it to third parties or allowing third parties to use user accounts. Any and all account activities are deemed as the activities performed by the account holder, the user
  2. All users are required to provide correct personal information during registration. When any false information is found, SUVIOS will have the discretion to suspend or terminate the user account.
  3. If any unauthorized or suspicious account activity is found, user should immediately notify SUVIOS so that necessary precautionary measures can be taken.

II. Restrictions on Use

  1. For legitimate purpose only:
    Users may use the services and user devices provided by SUVIOS for legitimate and proper purpose only.
  2. Monitoring for security concerns:
    If SUVIOS suspects any activity in breach of this Terms of Use or SUVIOS, under reasonable ground, believes it is necessary to protect the services available from SUVIOS or its parent company, affiliates, directors, officers, distributors and employees from any harm, we may suspend or terminate services or account.
  3. Users are prohibited from (a) modifying, reverse-engineering or replicating the hardware or the source code of any part of the Services, directly or indirectly, and (b) reselling, distributing, using on a timeshare, outsourcing, or otherwise directly commercializing the sale or lease of the use of the Services. Users acknowledge that doing so constitutes a breach of contract and SUVIOS may cease all functions of the Services at our discretion and without compensation to You. In addition to termination of Services, SUVIOS may pursue any and all legal and/or equitable remedies available to us.

III. Disclaimer

  1. Information on SUVIOS’s website and services and products of SUVIOS are provided “AS IS”. In no circumstance shall SUVIOS provide any other guarantee, explicitly or implicitly, including but not limited to implied guarantee on merchantability, fitness of service or product for particular purpose, ownership or non-infringement on third party’s rights or interests, or any guarantee arising from transactions, business dealings or contract performance. In addition, SUVIOS does not guarantee none of breakdowns, delays, interruptions, internet attacks, hacking, errors, poor voice quality for the SUVIOS website, services or products, or none of losses or interceptions to contents, data or information.
  2. Users hereby understand certain products and services provided by SUVIOS are not encrypted and that unencrypted information may be intercepted during transmissions involving SUVIOS, our services or products. SUVIOS does not guarantee our website or any software, services or products therein are absolutely secure. Users hereby agree to bear any and all risks associated with unauthorized access to user information during transmission of unencrypted or encrypted information.
  3. User understands and agrees that operation of the SUVIOS system may experience interruptions, malfunctions, delays, errors in data transmission or storage due to force majeure events or third parties, including but not limited to breakdowns or failures of the software and hardware equipment of the Internet systems of relevant telecommunication service providers or natural disasters, for which SUVIOS shall not be liable for any damages, compensations or reimbursements therefrom.
  4. In no circumstances shall SUVIOS or its officers, directors, employees, affiliates, suppliers or distributors, or any other service providers or vendors who provide services, devices or products relating to our services be liable for any compensations for damages from unauthorized use of the transmission facilities or peripherals of SUVIOS or users, or unauthorized access to user’s data files, programs, procedures or information for purpose of alteration, stealth or sabotage by way of accident, fraud, deceived device or any other method, whether or not such damages are due to negligence of SUVIOS or its service providers or vendors.
  5. The statements and descriptions about our services or devices made by SUVIOS or the distributors or suppliers of SUVIOS are only for notices and not any form of guarantee. As the information available on this website covers various jurisdictions around the world, not all the products, prices or programs mentioned herein are available or offered in the country/territory where the user is located. Please contact your local sales representative for more details about the products and services available in your country/territory.
  6. While SUVIOS makes all possible efforts to provide accurate information on the SUVIOS website, SUVIOS shall not be liable for accuracy of the information therein. SUVIOS may change the programs or products mentioned in this Terms of Use at any time without notice. The products or service not available from SUVIOS as mentioned in this Terms of Use are for reference only, and we do not endorse or suggest use of these products or services.

IV. Limitation on Liability

  1. In no circumstances shall SUVIOS, its officers, directors, affiliates, employees, licensors or Internet service providers be liable for any damages including direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, litigation or costs, including but not limited to losses of goodwill, profits or data or interruption of operation, arising from or in connection with this Terms of Use and/or transactions contemplated under this Terms of Use, including use or inability to use the SUVIOS website, services and/or products, inability to use emergency numbers to reach emergency repair staff or get urgent assistance, and unauthorized access or change to user’s communication records or information, even if SUVIOS has been aware or advised of the possibility of the above damages. In view of the evolving development of new technologies enabling hacking, Internet attacks, and interception of incoming and outgoing information, SUVIOS does not guarantee that use of products, software or services or any equipment, system or Internet utilizing its products, software or services do not have any loopholes that may be taken advantage for hacking, attacks or information interception.
  2. As some jurisdictions do not permit exclusions or limitations on the liabilities for implied guarantee or consequential or incidental damages, these restrictions in this clause may not apply to certain users. Users may have other legal rights depending on the jurisdictions they are located. These limitations shall apply to the greatest extent as permitted under the law.

V. Intellectual Property Rights

Title to and copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights and other rights of all work and information on the SUVIOS website are the properties owned by SUVIOS or their original authors. Unless prior authorization from SUVIOS or the right holders is obtained, no users shall reproduce, transmit, adapt, edit or use any of the above in any way or for any purposes. Otherwise, he/she will be held liable under Applicable Law.

VI. Waiver of Claims or Causes of Action

Users waive any and all claims or causes of action arising from and/or in connection with our services, except for those claims or causes of action arising from our gross negligence, omission, or intentional mistake.

VII. Amendment

We may amend the terms and conditions of this Terms of Use by publishing the amendments on the SUVIOS website any time. A user’s continual use of the SUVIOS website, services and/or products constitutes his/her acceptance of these amendments. This Terms of Use may not be modified in any manner unless amendments are made by a written Terms of Use signed by the user with us.

VIII. Severability

Invalidity of part or all of any provisions under this Terms of Use shall not affect the validity of remaining provisions.

IX. Collection and Use of Personal Information

SUVIOS has a privacy policy that describes how we collect and use personal information of customers and web visitors. We encourage you to carefully review the Privacy Policy before providing any personal information using our services. SUVIOS is not liable for any lack of privacy that you may experience from using our services. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for additional information.

X. Governing law and Court of Jurisdiction

  1. This Terms of Use and rights and obligations between users and SUVIOS hereof shall be governed by the Internet policies and the law of Taiwan. The Hsinchu District Court of Taiwan has the jurisdiction for the first instance over any disputes arising therefrom.
  2. In case of violation of the law of Taiwan or the place where a user is located (“Applicable Law”), actions available and permitted by Applicable Law will be taken.

XI. Termination of Usership

SUVIOS reserves the rights to change the contents of our services or terminate our services available to any user account, of which relevant users will be notified with an email from us.

As of 6th July, 2021