Born from the love of 3 fathers to their families

It came from 3 close friends from 3 different countries, whose families have allergy or even asthma problem.
Each of us is specialised in different profession: indoor climate control, healthy building engineer and ICT.
Since we noticed that this kind of respiratory problem has a lot of influence from environment and lifestyle,
we decides to integrate everyone’s expertise to help our family and also other people.

Mission: To improve our respiratory health through environmental intervention

Mission: To improve our respiratory health through environmental intervention

Design for allergy care, together with doctors, users and environment experts

Give air purifier intelligence to overcome those pain points when using traditional types

Can be personalised to meet the requirement of diverse lifestyle

Elegant design fits any interior

Suitable for home as well as Pro use

Free online consultancy from our medical doctor and experts

Air purifer

The BRISE intelligent air purifier is specially designed for families with allergies and asthma.

We innovated the conventional type of air purifier into a new generation with intelligence. Through IoT technology and Data science, we make air purifier possible to be personalised to overcome those pain points of using conventional type.
In Dutch, we say “Meten is weten” (English: Measuring is knowing). Each of BRISE air purifier has sensors that telling us what the real air quality is.

In 2020, we have developed a unique anti-epidemic filter. This filter has been tested against several kinds of virus and bacteria. The mechanism is very different from common HEPA filtration or UV light. It does not produce smell and ozone and the effect can last 3 months. Only available by BRISE air purifier.
More about anti-epidemic filter
“Breathe Bio”

Awareness and health

More and more attention is being paid to air quality in the Netherlands, and the importance of clean air for your health, in particular the impact of air pollution on your lungs. This not only applies to the outside air, but certainly also to the air in the house.

Unfortunately, very few people realise that the air inside is often polluted and can lead to all kinds of health problems. BRISE wants to make people aware of the importance of clean air. Especially during the COVID19 pandemic, we continuously published many useful articles and advices from our medical consultant in our blog.

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Need personal advices ?

Do you need personal advice? Make use of our advisors. BRISE was developed by several experts, including a doctor, an indoor climate expert, and an architect. Make use of it and ask your question without obligation.

Dr. J.G. Bakker (Jan)

medical advisor

  • Labor and Business Administration
  • Occupational diseases
    (skin and allergic conditions in relation to work and the environment)
  • Toxicology
  • Indoor climate and health
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • (Over) sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
  • Multiple (over) sensitivity to chemical substances
  • Owner and medical advisor of the Swimming Pool Clinic

R. Snoek (Richard)

Indoor environment consultant

Measurement and control technology, ventilation and heating technology. Like energy savings, air quality (problems), etcetera.
In other words: how to create a healthier indoor environment? More comfortable living seen from various heating options, including infrared heating. Everything up to and including better air quality, for example by keeping out smoke nuisance from wood stoves.

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A. Lelieveld (Ariane)

sustainable housing consultant and converter

Ariane’s expertise focuses on transforming existing homes into sustainable, more comfortable homes, with a focus on health and good air quality. 

As a structural engineer she is specialized in passive houses, interior