High standards affordable air filter

Bacteria and virus filtration

Multi-layer protection filter system

Supported by the test report of the national research center, the BRISE C260 filter system can degrade 99.9% of influenza/enterovirus, reducing the chance of cross-infection.
It also has a filtration efficiency of 99.9% for common pollutants such as PM 2.5, hair, smoke, kitchen fumes, etc.

  • Breathe Bio space purification filter*
    Research reports show that it can effectively degrade 99.9% of influenza A/B and Taiwanese enterovirus
    * Breathe Bio filter is an optional product
  • Pet hair filter
    Filter pet hair and dander, reduce pet allergies (can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner)
  • HEPA Filter
    Filter 99.9% of allergens in the air, including bacteria, mold, and PM2.5!
  • Activated carbon deodorant layer
    Strongly absorb various odors such as cigarettes and kitchen oil fume

Breathe Bio two purification methods

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National Degradation Virus Effect Test

“Breathe Bio Spatial Purification Filter”* releases “AMS Cleansing Factor”, which has a sterilization rate of over 99% against influenza A/B and EV71 enterovirus through experiments, which is a check on the health of the family!

Cooperated with the most authoritative national research center to conduct a degradation (purification) efficiency test with the four most common enteroviruses in Taiwan. The results show that the Breathe Bio filter has a 99.99% degradation efficiency for enteroviruses, which can help reduce environmental pollution. Health hazard factors.

* Breathe Bio filter is an optional product

National Research Center Research Report

The report shows that Breathe Bio has a 99.99% degradation rate for the following viruses

  • Enterovirus A71 (EV-A71)
  • Ksarge virus type A6 (CV-A6)
  • Ksarge virus type A10 (CA-A10)
  • Ksarge virus A16 (CV-A16)

Full research report >>

Laser PM2.5 + peculiar smell dual sensor

Equipped with laser PM2.5 + odor dual sensors that are only available in high-end cleaners

Laser PM 2.5 sensor

With a high-precision laser PM 2.5 sensor, it can accurately detect fine suspended particles in the air, so that every bite of you is clean air!

VOC odor sensor

The cleaner that you can’t smell comes to catch it, and helps you find out the chemical gas that your nose can’t smell, and makes life more at ease.

Designed for the health of Taiwanese

Strict air pollution standards

Adopting strict Taiwan air pollution standards, it is 2~5 times more sensitive than ordinary cleaners, so that every bite of you is clean air

Anti-allergy and good sleep

SilentTurbo brise

Air purifiers on the market generally have the problem of being too noisy at high speeds. Although the sleep mode is quiet, the efficiency is less than 20%, and the purifiers are useless.
BRISE launched the “SilentTurbo” technology, the operating volume is only 15~45 decibels, is the quietest air purifier on the market, even at high speed, will not disturb your work and rest.

Working during the day <45dB

Sleep at night 15~40dB

Perfect balance of sleep and cleansing power​

Although the sleep mode of the general cleaner reduces the volume, the filtration efficiency is also greatly reduced, which violates the original intention of using the air cleaner…

We rethink the definition of sleep mode and launched the highly efficient and quiet “NightCare night care mode”, which sensitively monitors air quality at night, and blows more clean air within the 40 decibel sleep volume recommended by WHO, without disturbing BABY at all Rest with family.

Bed Room



Suitable for various spaces of 33m2

Easy to have good air

Ideal for small rooms, bedrooms, children’s rooms

Effortless handle

Easy to move

Weights is only 4.5 kg, easy to carry it and move around

360 degree air outlet

Evenly release good air

The air outlet adopts a 360-degree design to ensure uniform release of air

360 degree air outlet

Evenly release good air

The air outlet adopts a 360-degree design to ensure uniform release of air

Environmental risks

at a glance

Show according to the air quality
Green (excellent), yellow (normal), red (poor), purple (very poor)
4 light colors

Environmental risks at a glance

Show according to the air quality. Green (excellent), yellow (normal), red (poor), purple (very poor). 
4 light colors









AUTO Mode : Detect air quality and auto switch operating intensity
NightCare : which maintains its sensitivity and dynamic cleansing function under sleeping comfort of 40dB. 
high speed
Medium speed




260 m3/h

Applied space

33 m2

Power consumption

22 watt(max)

Working voltage

110V~ 60Hz


< 45 dB


27 x 30 x 50 cm



Standard equipment

1. BRISE C260 body (Including power cord)

include Breathe Odors

2. User Manual

Optional equipment

(Additional purchase required)

Breathe Bio




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H1N1 流感病毒淨化率>99.99%
檢驗報告 >

EV71 腸道病毒淨化率>99.99%
檢驗報告 >

PM2.5 > 99.9%
甲醛 > 99.9%
細菌 > 99.9%
檢驗報告 >

腸病毒A71型(EV-A71) > 99.99%
克沙奇病毒A6型(CV-A6) > 99.99%
克沙奇病毒A10型(CA-A10) > 99.99%
克沙奇病毒A16型(CV-A16) > 99.99%
研究報告 >

標識號碼 R45287