AirShield space purification

Filter against viruses, bacteria and fungus

The new “Breathe Bio” filter provides an additional unique function to all of our purifiers systems to fight the pandemic. The antimicrobial properties act in three significant ways by “contact-killing”, “release-killing,” and “anti-adhesion” properties to combat viruses, bacteria, and fungus. Releasing Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) in a controlled-manner allows the germicidal effect in the surface area. 

The unique “AMS cleansing elements” According to the SGS lab test, it achieves a sterilization rate of more than 99% for A/B influenza (H1N1, H3N2) and EV71 enterovirus. At the same time, it does not produce any odors or ozone.


Commercially available air purifiers are not able to filter viruses, fungi, and gases. SUVIOS goes one step further here.

Smarter than any other conventional purifier

SUVIOS air purifier

It’s is not just an ordinary air purifier, it is an intelligent home health guardian.

The more it learns from you, the better it can provide you a personalized clean air environment for your daily activities.

The anti-epidemic “Breathe Bio” filter is available for all air purifier models.


The unique Artificial Intelligent GUARDIAN ANGEL monitors and controls your environment for your “Clean Air Zone”. The AI Guardian Angel senses, monitors and controls your air autonomously, he gives you the status of your air via the APP.

You get personalized and actual status on the quality of our air from anywhere. All purifiers can work in an unlimited family group to collaborate as you desire to cover all room sizes.

More than filtration

APCO sanitization technology

APCO chamber is integrated with VUV+UVC lighting power, APCO module of metal cage and crystal beads, coated with Nano PhotoCatalytic (NPC) materials.

Germs are instantly deactivated when passing through the APCO chamber, where the unique refraction technology repeatedly increases 8.3x more efficiency than traditional UVC. Viruses, bacteria, fungi in the airflow will be broken down within 0.026 second.

*Lab tested against COVID-19 (coronavirus 229E)

Clean more than just air


SUVIOS Smini is the first model using this APCO technology. The powerful functions ensure that bad odors are drawn out of objects, virus and bacteria are removed from door handles and tables…etc.

Because of its compact design and multifunctional accessories, you can use it almost everywhere. Home, office or even on the way.  Enjoy the same clean and pure air everywhere.

The challenge with CORONA viruses

  • We are now seeing a sharp rise in the number of infections in the fall of 2021, the result of Corona easing, more favorable climate conditions (not only for Corona but also for other viruses) and more indoor activities.
  • The high vaccination rate ensures that fewer people become infected, spread fewer viruses when infected and become less seriously ill.
  • Yet an important part of our population, around 15 percent, remains unvaccinated.
  • Every reason for everyone to remain careful with external contacts at a short distance, to refrain from shaking hands and to disinfect a lot.
  • Good ventilation and adequate filtering are also of great importance for the indoor climate at home and in the office.

– Dr. J.G. Bakker. Medical advisor. Nederland