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BRISE APP registration

  • STEP1- Start BRISE App
  • STEP2- Click “Sign Up”
  • STEP3- Enter your email then click “Obtain Verification Code”
  • STEP4- You will receive a verification code in your email box. Fill this code in and click “Next” to complete registration
  • STEP5- You will be automatically login after you succeed with registration
  • STEP1- Sign In BRISE App
  • STEP2- Click “Forgot Password”
  • STEP3- Enter the email which you used to registered BRISE App account and click “Obtain Verification Code”
  • STEP4- Check the verification code in your email box
  • STEP5- Enter this code to reset a new password
  • STEP6- Now You can login again with new password
  • Go to Main menu on left-above corner on your screen
  • Go to Personal Center
  • Go to Account settings
  • Go to Change password ….

BRISE App in both iOS and Android system is free to download

Yes. BRISE is intelligent device. You can control it via App
so long you have Internet connection.

LED on pannel

The air purifier will dynamically adjust its speed according to the air quality detected by the sensor.

The air purifier will operate continuously at a high speed.

※Turbo mode can be changed from the default (returning to Auto after a certain amount of time) within the app.

The air purifier will operate continuously at a low speed; panel brightness is also turned down.

The AI engine dynamically adjusts the operating mode of the air purifier, according to the environmental parameters set by the user.

※Customized parameters can be changed using the app.

  • OFF – Panel light is turned off
  • Blinking Green – Device is starting up
  • Solid Green – Air quality is good
  • Solid Yellow – Air quality is moderate
  • Solid Red – Air quality is poor
  • Solid Purple – Air quality is bad
  • OFF – Cloud service is off
  • Slow Blinking Green – Starting cloud service; WiFi starting up
  • Slow Blinking Blue – WiFi turned on successfully; ready for app registration
  • Solid Blue – Cloud service normal
  • Solid Yellow – Failed to connect to network
  • Fast Blinking Yellow – Connecting to the cloud service
  • Solid Red – Cloud service error
  • Slow Blinking Red – BRISE C200 device software is upgrading
  • Fast Blinking Red – After pressing and holding the WiFi button for five seconds, the WiFi and cloud service settings are reset to factory settings. Once the device restarts, the light will turn blue and blink slowly.
  • OFF – Panel light is turned off
  • Solid Blue – Operating normally
  • Solid Orange – Air Meter ON: Air quality detection starting up
  • Solid Red – Powered off
  • OFF – Filter normal
  • Solid Red – Filter needs to be replaced. For information about the type of filter and other details, please log into the app and check the filter information page.
  • OFF – Panel light is turned off (lightly press to adjust brightness between On, Dim, and Off)
  • Dim Blue – Panel light is dimmed or in Sleep mode (lightly press to adjust brightness between On, Dim, and Off)
  • Solid Blue – Panel light is normal
  • Solid Red – Child lock is on (press and hold for 5 seconds to turn the child lock on or off)
  • STEP1- Please confirm that WiFi in on slow blinking blue light. If not, please press and hold WiFi light for 5 seconds. You will hear hear “Bi” then WiFi light will become slow blinking red, which indicate the WiFi setting is being reset. Wait for 1 minute, WiFi light will become slow blinking blue again, which indicate the reset has been completed. Now you can restart the account registration again.
  • STEP2- Please check if the WiFi connection on your smart phone is in order.
  • STEP3- Make sure that you are connecting BRISE App and WiFi light is on slow blinking yellow.

Please reset the life time of replaced filter in BRISE App.

WiFi connection

Yes, BRISE needs to connect internet in order to use cloud
service and multiple BRISEs collaboration

Yes, but you will not exploit the advantage of cloud service. Even
so, it is still worth than any other brands of air purifier.

You can use the hotspot of mobile phone ( Let’s say: phone A ) to connect BRISE C200 but then you just need another smart phone (Let’s say: phone B ) to complete account registration procedure.
Afterwards, you won’t need phone B any more. You can use BRISE App (login in again in phone A with the account just registered via phone B) and BRISE C200 can connect to the hotspot of your phone A. The only disadvantage is that when the phone A leaves this room, you won’t be able to connect C200 via App remotely because C200 has no interent connection. Of course, while phone A comes back, it will be connected automatically again. During the disconnection, BRISE C200 can only function in Auto mode, not in intelligent BRISE mode.

BRISE Artificial intelligence

BRISE C200 has artificial intelligence, which can learn from your
environment and life style to improve its function and provide you
the most efficient service.

Besides Auto mode, you can preset the factors of your environment. For instance, when you tell BRISE C200 that you have cats or dogs in house, it will adjust his function to reach the most effective and efficient operation to protect you and your pets.

In BRISE App, choose BRISE mode and then click on the orange
BRISE icon in the middle of screen. There you can enter the setup
menu of BRISE mode.

If this Air Meter is ON, the BRISE C200 will keep detecting the air
quality even when the machine is switch-off.

  • In technical speaking, BRISE C200 can filter 234m3 per hour. According to research, the best effective clearance efficiency is to filter 5 times per hour. With considering the height of room and all kind of furniture, the ideal space is calculated as 30m2.
  • BRISE mode enables you setup the different size of room, it will increase its capacity when the room size is bigger. This unique design enables BRISE C200 be used in both smaller (90%) or bigger space.
  • In case of bigger space, 2 units of BRISE C200 can collaborate together to clean the bigger space in the very efficient way.
  • Conventionally, people buy huge machine for bigger space but there are several disadvantages. 1, One time high cost 2, Difficult to place such huge machine in our elegant interior. 3, Often effective near the corner where the machine is placed. 4, The built-in sensors can only tell the air quality near that corner.
  • BRISE will improve the sleeping quality and your health by providing better air quality. Besides, the design of BRISE enables you to limit the noisy and speed of motor. It lasts longer but quieter.
  • You can also adjust the lightness of LED on control panel during the night if you do not like have any light during the night.

About BRISE filters and their replacement

Yes. BRISE C200 reduces the danders in the air produced by human and pets. Those danders are the main food resource for house mite.

BRISE C200 can reduce the concentration of NOx. Because it has no sensor of NOx, it will not show the value of NOx concentration.

Yes. Every BRISE C200 is delivered with one Pre-filter (carbon filter) and Main-filter (Breathe combo).

Not like other kinds of air purifier whose filters are counted by
Time, the life time of BRISE filter is determined by many factors.
If your environment is often polluted, such as bigger room, near variant pollutants, with house pets and often more smell and dust detected, the BRISE will often speed up filtering air which will decrease the life time of filter. This so-called “HEPASmart” technology of BRISE ensures the healthy and clean air quality for you and your family.
Not like other kind of air purifier, the life time of filter has no difference in more polluted environment, which may influence your health due to unhealthy air.


You can choose by yourself of let BRISE A.I. choose for you.
(table list below)

Attach this dust-catching film on old Pre-filter before you remove
it. It can prevent you from secondary pollution while this dirty prefilter
is replaced.


Please contact your local distributor or shop where you purchase.



BRISE C200 has CE, TÜV and RoHs certificates.