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SUVIOS Brise C360

voor een gezonde en schone leefomgeving


Multifunctioneel lucht- en oppervlaktereiniger


Luchtreinigers zorgen voor een schone, gefilterde en frisse lucht in huis. Daarnaast is een air purifier effectief in het bestrijden van smog, stofdeeltjes en bacteriën die rondzweven in de lucht. Een luchtreiniger van Suvios neemt weinig ruimte in beslag, en zorgt ervoor dat verschillende ruimtes in huis volledig gezuiverd worden. Extra handig: op de display van de luchtreinigers kan je in één oogopslag de luchtkwaliteit aflezen. Dit maakt het ook mogelijk om de air purifier op gerichte momenten aan te zetten en te wisselen in de gewenste standen.

Luchtreiniger kopen

Bij Suvios koop je de luchtreiniger die bij jou past. Heb je voldoende ruimte in huis en moet de air purifier grotere ruimtes voorzien van gefilterde lucht? Dan kies je voor onze Brise C200 of C360. Een compacter model nodig, die ook nog eens portable is? Onze Smini is de nieuwste technologie in air purifiers. Effectief in zowel kleine als grotere ruimtes, en altijd in huis te verplaatsen. Dat zorgt ervoor dat je overal in huis kunt genieten van dezelfde frisse lucht, of je nou de lucht in de slaapkamer wilt zuiveren of een frisse omgeving wilt creëren in de woonkamer.

Wil je een luchtreiniger kopen? Bekijk dan onze pagina met effectieve oplossingen voor in huis.

SUVIOS Brise C200

Eerste luchtreiniger met kunstmatige intelligentie

Waarom kiezen voor SUVIOS ?

speciaal ontworpen voor families met allergieën en astma.

Clean air zone

AirShield ruimtereiniging


The Guardian Angel is jointly developed by professional physicians, environmental control experts and IT technical experts, and experts in three fields. AI Guardian Angel can accurately sense and monitor your environmental parameters and automatically diagnose your environmental health, provide you with healthy air quality, and let you breathe heathy air every day.


Suvios and Brise are registered trademarks of Aether Services Ltd. Suvios is our global brand. Brise is a leading brand, especially in Taiwan, and is used and recommended by medical doctors.

Our world is full of challenges

SUVIOS has the solutions.

What we think is harmless actually leads to serious decease of allergies, asthma, infections, and COPD.
SUVIOS prevents and relieves respiratory problems.


The “ Allergic March” starts before we are born as we inherit from our parents an allergy score that initiates our allergy march. During infancy we develop dermatitis or allergy and rhinitis. The accumulation of all this factors lead in the long run to Asthma and COPD if not well managed.

The story behind the AI Angel

The AI* Guardian Angel is a fully integrated system designed as an intelligent tool to control allergies and asthma. The device was in collaboration with doctors, IT specialists, and experts in environmental management. It closely monitors your environment and respiratory system and automatically diagnoses to control air quality actively. You can leave it to the AI Guanrding Angle to autonomously provide you with safe, clean air.

* AI: artificial intelligence
Please understand that we don’t have all products available in every country, our staff can assist you when you are trying to purchase either BRISE or SUVIOS products.

How does the

AI Guardian Angel work ?

The AI Guardian Angel is a fully integrated system for patients and doctors designed for intelligent allergy and asthma management control. It accurately monitors your environment and respiratory system while automatically diagnosing to actively control your air quality and guide you to ensure a healthy deep breath*. The AI Angel is flexible and fully compatible within the system, starting from the AI Angel APP to the AI purifier or AI air monitor; all work independently or together smartly for a better quality of life.


MONITORS your environment inside and outside as well as your health.
intelligently taking all available data and parameters for the angel to protect you.


intelligently takes all available data and parameters to find the right solution.


your environment with A.I. SUVIOS Air Purifier at home cleaning your air intelligently


you in your daily life giving you advices to keep you healthy like “go out and run”, “go to the doctor” or gives you all you need to know about staying healthy

AI Guardian Angel system

AI Guardian Angel system

AI Guardian Angel

Monitor and provide suggestions to improve the environmental health of your home

Air meter

Sensing environmental data and providing data to AI anti-allergy day for analysis and suggestions

Air purifier

Sense environmental data and clean the air according to the guidance of AI anti-allergic angels

Here is your AI Guardian

Angel cockpit


Indoor/outdoor status

The indoor status is measured either with our AI purifiers or Air sanitizers


your allergy march risk

Day in and day out the angel will keep track of your Allergy march process  to monitor your respiratory heath


your angel conversations

The Angle will ask you questions about how you feel, he will keep track of them and recommend you with actions, if you want you can tell him at any time how you feel 

SUVIOS Clean Air Zone partners

Dr. J.G. Bakker (Jan)

medical advisor

  • Labor and Business Administration
  • Occupational diseases (skin and allergic conditions in relation to work and the environment)
  • Toxicology
  • Indoor climate and health
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • (Over) sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation
  • Multiple (over) sensitivity to chemical substances
  • Owner and medical advisor of the Swimming Pool Clinic

R. Snoek (Richard)

Indoor environment consultant

Measurement and control technology, ventilation and heating technology. Like energy savings, air quality (problems), etcetera.
In other words: how to create a healthier indoor environment? More comfortable living seen from various heating options, including infrared heating. Everything up to and including better air quality, for example by keeping out smoke nuisance from wood stoves.

A. Lelieveld (Ariane)

sustainable housing consultant and converter

Ariane’s expertise focuses on transforming existing homes into sustainable, more comfortable homes, with a focus on health and good air quality. 

As a structural engineer she is specialized in passive houses, interior


Medical resources


SUVIOS/BRISE A.I. air purifiers have provided more than 10 millions hours clean air in hundred of medical clinics


To validate the benefits of preventive medication, the A.I. Guardian Angel system is undergoing several clinical trials with cooperation with famous hospitals.


Many medical doctors of pulmonologist, immunologist, pediatrics, ENT are helping SUVIOS to advise and validate the system design


Hundreds of doctors have already adopted SUVIOS/BRISE, just contact us to reach the our Angel doctors

Our certifications

Our partners