Multipurpose sanitizer

Sanitizing the air and surface

Without chemical additive

New solution for personal health

Together with Optoelectronics and medical experts, SUVIOS (BRISE) has developed the advanced APCO technology. The new way to decompose the germs and virus in surroundings is effectively blocking both the airborne and contact transmissions, enhancing the protection of everyone under the same environment.

From now on, get rid of these substances surrounding you!

COVID-19 virus
H1N1 virus
EV71 virus
Pet odors
3rd-hand smoke
Environmental odors

New solution

APCO tech

In 2020, we had COVID19 pandemic. The air quality has been never paid so much attention. People have purchased air purifiers to improve air quality at home and workplace. This is the way of cleaning air “passively”. But, nowadays, specially after this COVID19 pandemic, the new challenge is how to do that “actively”.

Together with Optoelectronics, we have developed the APCO technology, the newest sanitization solution. With this APCO technology, Smini is able to sanitize, not only the air but also the surface around you actively. It complements the functions that the air purifier cannot achieve.

~ Dr. Jan Bakker, former Senior Doctor of  Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre (AMC)

✔ APCO technology | 8 times higher efficiency than traditional UV-C lamps

✔ ACTIVE ANTI-BACTERIAL | Actively eradicate both air and surface germs

✔  LAB TESTED | 99.9% of virus inhibition rate by Medical University Research Center experiment proof

✔ FILTER-FREE | No consumables; save time and money

✔ Portable | Multi-deformable design suites all kind of purposes

✔ SMART | Bluetooth and WiFi dual connectivity with APP control

8x powerful | Sanitizes air and surfaces | 100% safe

APCO sanitization technology

APCO, Advanced PhotoCatalysis Oxidation

Through the most advanced methods, it decomposes contaminants into H2O, CO2  and other inorganic molecules, returning to the environment without any pollution.  
Together with Optoelectronics experts and Medical experts, SUVIOS has created Smini with this unique APCO module inside. It can even eliminate germs very effectively during high speed air flow and on surface to even further remove odors, smell caused by smoke.

3 Patented key designs

Simulate sunlight. Kill germs within 0.026 second inside chamber.

High-power VUV + UVC Dual ultraviolet lights
8x powerful than traditional UVC

High efficiency optical reflection structure
Creates >650 cm2 (100 inch2) of refection area.

QuAngel nano photocatalyst (NPC) coating
Allows the surface-bound radicals nearly 360 degrees of exposure

Partnered with QuAngel Bio

3 phases sanitization

Decomposes 99.9% of germs. Removes odors and smell.

Step 1 –
Kill 99.9% germs in the airflow in 0.026 sec

The APCO chamber inside Smini contains VUV (vacuum ultraviolet) which increased
8.3x more efficiency than traditional UVC. With the dual ultraviolet light (VUV+UVC)
and unique optical refection structure, 99.9% of germs in the airflow through
chamber will be killed within 0.026 second.

Step 2 – Decompose the germs on the surfaces in a safe and pollutionfree way.

QuAngel NPC coating materials optimally react with multiple wavelengths of U.V.
energy and then produce trillions of hydroxyls and organic oxidants for further
Hydroxyls and organic oxidants have a powerful oxidation effect, which can
decompose microorganisms and chemical pollutants. Such effect of deodorization
and sterilization is the same as the chain oxidation reactions caused by sunlight on
the object’s surface.

Step 3 –
Chain oxidation reaction

Same as sunlight reaction on the surface, after the purification process, the
contaminants are decomposed into water, oxygen, and carbon dioxide molecules,
returning to the environment without any pollution.

It’s just like bringing your ☀ sunlight ☀ wherever you go.

Germs both in the air and surface
Germs both in the air and surface
Odors from pets, kitchen or smoke
Odors from pets, kitchen or smoke
Odors from pets, kitchen or smoke

P3 lab tested

The APCO technology and NPC coating are proven to eliminate 99.99% of virus, such as H1N1, varies of bacteria, fungi in the professional lab test.

CCU (Taiwan)
Research Center for Emerging Viral Infections

SARS-COV-2 > 99.99%
Coronavirus 229E > 99.99%

Bacteria > 99.9%

EV71 93.2%
H1N1 > 99.9%

Filter-free design

No consumables and economical

Body made by solid and durable premium Aluminum Alloys. Easily clean the dust with dry and clean cloth.

Multi-purpose mobile design

Handy to carry.
Use everywhere

Connect to power cable to use at work place, in the closet or bathroom. With attached Battery Box, you can carry it with you to the gym, office, cafe, train or airplane to have a “Safe Air To Go”.

Upright stand

Horizontal stand
Applied with Desktop Stand

Table, Office bureau, Building Entrance ...etc
Attach Battery Box without power cable.

For travel or at public transport
With Leather Lanyard and Battery Box.

Hang it in cloakroom, bathroom, babywagen, Cart…
Ceiling Mount
Mount on ceiling or wall with Wall Mount.

Wall of bathroom, office or ceiling of strorage room...etc
Wall Mount
Mount on wall with Wall Mount.

Wall of living room, bathroom, or office ...etc

Smarter with APP

Intelligent connect, Smart protection




Power consumption

Max 8 W

Rated input voltage



2.4Ghz WiFi / Bluetooth


< 45 dB(A)

Material (body)

Premium Aluminum Alloys


Ø 68 x 160 mm




Cert. No. C-G30001-22
Report No. : WH-CE-E22030105

Report No. : WH-FCC-E22030105

APCO  Technology
Bacteria > 99.9%

APCO  Technology
EV71 93.2%
H1N1 > 99.9%


US Underwriters Laboratories Inc

Standard pack

Smini (including Wind Shield)
USB-to-typeC Power cable
Quick start guide

Optional accessories

Ceiling Mount
Desktop Stand
Leather Lanyard
Battery Box (batteries not included)
* Please use flat top 18650 Li-ion battery
Power adapter