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More woodburn, more air pollution


Talks about wood smoke have been on the rise lately. Due to the significant rise of gas and electricity prices this year, it is expected that more people will opt for wood burning next winter. It may save the energy cost but actually it has bad impact on our respiratory health because of the fine particles and chemicals it produces into the air. You can often smell it when you are walking outside in the evening. Although you do not use it at home, the pollution that is produced by your neighbours will still enter your house even with all windows closed, unfortunately.

This 1-minute video below tells you how the wood smoke impacts our health.

BRISE products are designed for allergy care. We therefore focus here on those who are bothered by neighbour who heat their homes with wood burning stoves and wood stoves. And don’t forget: outdoor stoves, barbecues and fire pits also give complaints. Wood burning causes air pollution; particulate matter (PM) and chemicals (VOCs) are released into the air and cause stench, nuisance and respiratory problems.

>> Read more about : What is PM, and what are the harmful effects to health? 

The HEPASmart® system

The HEPASmart® system of the BRISE air purifiers ensures that air pollution that enters your home from outside quickly and efficiently removes harmful substances, such as wood smoke. Because the smart air purifier calculates with real-time use of the filter, you are assured that the filter works optimally for your personal situation. Customization, so you don’t waste money and the filter is only ‘on’ when it is really need to be ‘on’. Don’t worry, you will receive a notification via the app when the time has come.

What does that cost on average per day?

You don’t have to worry about the cost. The total costs for 5 years of home use in a single-family home in the Netherlands, device ON 24/7:

€0,95 per day, including air purifier Brise C360, all necessary filters and electricity.


Now even with more benefits : 1-year* filters for free.

When you order Brise C360 in our eShop and use couple code “4freefilters” during checkout, you will receive 4 Carbon pre-filters for free (advice price : €39). With these extra free filters, you won’t need to purchase filters within a year*. Are you considering purchasing 2 devices for your living room ánd bedroom? Of course you will receive 2 x 4 Carbon pre-filters and with even more discount.

* It is an estimated period as standard. The actual lifespan depends on your individual situation. It can be longer or shorter.

Brise C360 intelligent air purifier

Order now in our online shop
Receive extra 4 carbon pre-filters for 1-year* use
Coupon code : 4freefilters

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