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(English translation:)

Maybe this title seems a little bit strange, but let me explain it to you.

The last two years the Corona virus forced us to extra ventilate our houses, to minimize the risk on infection. No problem in spring and summer, but it is a different matter in wintertime: your are losing a lot of energy.

Corona and wood

With the prize of gas sky high people look for alternatives, like stoking wood in the fireplace and to minimize ventilation. It will not surprise anyone that this causes a  dilemma. Health versus costs.

Talken about health: the inner climate of our house needs to be protected. For sure Corona will return in wintertime and we need to reduce the virusses in our houses.

It would not be our choice use wood  but if so, please protect yourself against its dust or that of your neighbours. This dust is not innocent, especially not for people with astma and pregnant women.

Saving money

Filtering the air can be a solution, for your health and your wallet ! The intelligent HEPASmart-system of the Brise airpurifiers cleans the air in your house from virusses and dust, fast and efficient. By a one time investment like that you can optimize for years health protection and comfort in your house.

I can recommend it to you !

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