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Allergic to dogs and cats and other pets

We all love animals. Many people have a pet: a dog, a cat, a guinea pig, a rabbit, etc. Because of their often longer hair, we have to vacuum regularly, especially people who are allergic to pets. However, that is sometimes not enough.

Pet hair is much finer and thinner than human hair, so it floats around easily in the house. The best way to remove these hairs is with an air purifier.

One of our Brise air purifier users in Amsterdam, who has two cats at home, shared the result with us. What you see is the filter of the air purifier after two months of use, and that while she also vacuums every day. It is easy to see how many hairs the air purifier removes from the air in those two months. It’s why allergists recommend an air purifier if you’re allergic to pets.

Select the suitable air purifier

Not many air purifiers are designed for pet lovers. However, we have three important tips that you should pay attention to when choosing the right air purifier:

  • Choose a HEPA filter system. With the replaceable HEPA filters you are assured of 100% removal of hair and small (dust) particles. Do not choose another system, such as ionization or plasma, because they are difficult to clean.
  • Opt for a large air inlet instead of a (fine-)mesh air inlet. When the hairs are inhaled by the air purifier, they must be immediately caught by the HEPA filter. With a mesh air inlet design, the hairs will block those small holes after a while and it is very difficult to clean.
  • Does the device have a safety function? For example, the Brise air purifier has a special “child lock” function. This function can prevent children or pets from unexpectedly touching the control panel. It provides extra security at home.

Purchasing an air purifier is a worthwhile investment in allergy care, especially for pet lovers. Brise C360 is specially designed for this and is recommended by an allergy doctor at the Amsterdam Medical Centre (AMC). The HEPASmart© filter system of this air purifier not only removes large particles such as hair, but also small particles that have a major impact on your health.

It is also an efficient energy-saving design. The costs per day of the device, including filters and energy consumption, are on average € 0.95 per day, calculated over five years of use. That is less than the price of a liter of milk.

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