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Keep your health and save money

In previous email, an article tells us that an air purifier can keep us healthy and save money at the same time, especially coming winter. Due to incredible gas prices, minimising ventilation will lower your energy bill (slightly), but it can cause health problems. If you haven’t read this article yet, you can find it via the link below:

> > Stay healthy, save money

Therefore – for our loyal users – we like to offer you an exclusive “Health & Saving” package. Are you satisfied with your current Brise air purifier, and are you considering installing an extra one in your bedroom, in your studio, at your clinic or in your office? You now pay only € 129* for a new Brise C360 air purifier (advice price € 449) when you pre-order a 4-year filter pack**. You will save at least € 320 and you won’t need to buy filters within the next 5 years.

✳️  Promotion period: so long as in stock

✳️  Promotion product: Brise C360 air purifier for only € 129 if you order a 4-year filter pack for C360 (4 boxes x Carbon + 4 boxes x Odors) €392

✅ Promotion price in total: €521 (advice price: €841)

Additional promotion: (applicable only when you order the promotion product above)

All prices including VAT

Terms and conditions:

  • The filters may be shipped separately
  • Brise Care BV reserves the right to change or cancel the terms and conditions of this exclusive promotion


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